The Perfect Stocking Stuffers For the Traveler in Your Life
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The Perfect Stocking Stuffers For the Traveler in Your Life

Need some last-minute gifts for friends and family? Why not fill their stockings with travel goodies that will carry them through their trips for the next year and beyond? From the practical to the downright cool, here are the best stocking stuffers for your traveler.

Gravel Tolietree Bag + Bottles

Photo courtesy of Gravel

Every traveler needs a sturdy toiletry bag, and Gravel makes several options for every kind of traveler. Sleek and compact, their bags contain plenty of pockets to store everything you might need on the road. Choose from multiple sizes including Slim, Mini, and Max. Complete the set with Gravel's travel bottles. These containers are not only sleek and great for transporting liquids, but they also fit together perfectly, saving space in your bag.

Disposable Camera

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These days, everyone has a camera in their phone, but there's something so wholesome and nostalgic about an old disposable camera. Gift your traveler the ability to capture their precious travel memories with these lightweight disposable cameras.

Black Out Eye Mask

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Sleeping on a plane or in the car is difficult, so give the gift of good rest with this black-out eye mask. This comfortable mask is lightweight and cushioned, minimizing pressure and making it perfect for sleeping on the go.  

Woodzee Recycled Material Sunglasses

Photo courtesy of Woodzee

Stylish sunglasses make the perfect addition to any stocking. These frames from Woodzee are made from recycled materials, making them not only stylish and practical, but ecofriendly as well. Choose from a number of styles and colors to match your traveler's style.

Kleen Kanteen Water Bottle

Photo courtesy of Klean Kanteen

There are plenty of travel water bottles on the market these days, but this option from Klean Kanteen is simple and sleek, perfect for the minimalist traveler. The insulated thermos keeps hot and cold drinks at the perfect temperature, is BPA free, and features a leak-proof design.

Passport Covers

Photo courtesy of Amazon

For the international traveler in your life, help keep their most precious travel document safe with these passport covers. Available in a range of colors, this cover is slim and features an extra pocket for other cards and documents.  

Smart Wool Socks

Photo courtesy of Smart Wool

Getting socks in your stocking used to be a bummer, but when you're a traveler it's a downright treat. Smart Wool socks are the reigning kings of footwear, made with high-quality merino wool. Comfortable, warm, and slightly cushioned, they'll keep your traveler's feet warm and cozy through all their adventures.

Liquid IV

Photo courtesy of Amazon

The secret to staying healthy on the go? Hydration! Dehydrating flights and long travel days catch up to every traveler, so throw some Liquid IV in your traveler's stocking to help them fuel up.

Amazon Best Seller Books for a Travel Read

Photo courtesy of Amazon

A good book makes the perfect travel companion, so gift your traveler their pick of Amazon's selection of bestsellers. From award-winning fiction to memoirs and thrillers, your traveler won't get bored with all the options they have at their fingertips.  


Photo courtesy of Amazon

We’ve all been there. You're excited to watch a movie on the plane when you realize you’ll be chained to those disposable, hard plastic headphones. AirFly negates your earache by plugging into the airline screens and connecting to your wireless headphones via Bluetooth. Enjoy your mid-flight flicks from the comfort of your own earbuds.    

Ear Plugs

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Avid travelers know that sleep comes at a premium when you’re in transit. These reusable earplugs from Looper are the future of noise cancellation and comfortable enough to wear to bed. They come in various levels of noise cancellation making them versatile and great for concerts or those who get overwhelmed by high frequencies, snoring, or background noise.

Portable Phone Charger

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Having a portable charger on hand while traveling is essential. This charger from Anker holds enough power to charge your phone up to four times and, while a bit heavy, is sleek and easy to stow away in your purse or backpack. It can also charge up other electronics like wireless headphones. You’ll never go searching for a wall outlet again.

Water Bottle Holder

Photo courtesy of CALPAK

The perfect accessory for tooling around town on your travels, a water bottle holder is a great alternative for carrying a bulky backpack or heavy purse around. This water bottle holder from CALPAK is more on the feminine side with extra pockets, colorful designs, and a detachable carrying strap. It’s also insulated to keep your water extra cool.

Compression Socks

Photo courtesy of BOMBAS

If you’re feeling nervous about gifting the notoriously boring Christmas gift of socks, this pack of compression socks and travel slippers will change your mind. Travel days are long and hard on your feet. These fashionable socks are great for keeping your feet from swelling on long-haul flights or car rides. The addition of travel slippers helps up the ante, giving this present a little something special.

Mini Sleep Machine

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Sleeping in new places can be difficult. Limit the tossing and turning with this mini sleep machine that helps block out the sound of street noise or that pesky air conditioning unit.

Safety Alarm

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Ideal for all travelers, the Her Birdie safety alarm emits an ear-piercing sound and flashing lights when activated. Since most travelers can’t travel with typical public safety devices like pepper spray, this is a wonderful alternative that gives peace of mind and fits on either a keychain, a small purse, or inside your pocket.

Travel Belt

Photo courtesy of CINCHA

A travel belt is a genius packing accessory. Attach your purse (or any other bag) to your carry-on suitcase handle with this nifty strap that wraps around and secures them together. CINCHA’s travel belt comes in unique colors and designs so your loved one can travel in style. You can also add on the Belt Buddy, a small bag that slides on to the belt and serves as the perfect carrier for your passport and other small items.

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