How This Wearable Device Helps You Focus, Relax, and Sleep Better
How This Wearable Device Helps You Focus, Relax, and Sleep Better

If you have trouble sleeping, you’re not alone. The Good Body estimates that as many as 62% of people around the world have difficulty sleeping. For avid travelers, figuring out ways to effectively get sleep while on the road can be exhausting in itself.

If you’re saving money in a hostel, you leave yourself vulnerable to the possibility of a loud, inconsiderate roommate — a character you will surely meet if you’re on the road long enough. Sleeping on airplanes or buses and getting used to new time zones are additional sleep challenges travelers face. To try a non-invasive, drug-free solution for better sleep, focus, relaxation, and social acuity, it’s worth giving the Apollo™ wearable a shot.

The Apollo Wearable’s Unique Approach

man wearing Apollo device on ankle
Photo courtesy of Apollo Neuroscience

This wearable isn’t like others that simply track your steps or sleep. Instead, the Apollo wearable actively improves your health by balancing your nervous system. Worn on your wrist, ankle, or clipped to your clothing (anywhere near a bone), the Apollo wearable works in coordination with a mobile app that you can download to your smartphone, using touch therapy to send silent, soothing vibrations to your body to let your nervous system know that it is safe and in control.

How do they know it actually works? There’s a lot of science, including peer-reviewed clinical trials, to back up stats like these:

  • 40% less stress and feelings of anxiety, on average
  • 19% more time in deep sleep, on average
  • 11% increase in HRV, on average
  • Up to 25% more focus and concentration

The Apollo wearable not only improves sleep but also effectively helps users with stress, performance, and socializing. For those who work and spend time on the road, this can be mighty beneficial. You can choose distinct labeled modes — for focus, sleep, meditation, and more — to help you curate how you want to feel. Apollo is like a little helper to let you control the way you want to feel.

Apollo’s Modes and Functions

woman typing at laptop wearing Apollo device
Photo courtesy of Apollo Neuroscience

You can program your Apollo to help you from the start of your day. For example, Energy & Wake Up is a mode designed to help give you an extra boost in the morning, like a shot of espresso would. Usually, people set a mode to last from 15 minutes to an hour. Meditation & Mindfulness is another fantastic setting that can help you get your day started or wrap it up. It can help ground you and keep you in tune with yourself whenever you need it.

As you progress throughout your day, some other modes that can help you out in various ways include: Clear & Focused, Rebuild & Recover, Relax & Unwind, and finally, Sleep & Renew, which can make a world of difference for travelers, remote workers, and other adults who could use some support falling asleep at night. It is recommended that you use the Apollo wearable for three hours a day, five days a week, day and night, to help set your circadian rhythm and help your body become more resilient to stress. The more you wear your Apollo device, the more you will benefit from it.

The Reviews Are Good!

Apollo device on wrist
Photo courtesy of Apollo Neuroscience

The Apollo wearable has earned itself stellar results across six completed clinical studies. Each has shown a clear trend of improvements among subjects and their ability to sleep, recover, and focus. It’s also rated an average of 4.5/5 stars from over 3,700 reviews on Amazon and 4.7/5 stars from nearly 1,500 reviews on its website. One recent five-star review from Tammie T. reads, “I have used this product consistently since I received it and it appears to be working just as described. I have noticed my attitude has been much calmer and I do not get upset as much anymore. My sleep has also improved from wearing this device.” Check out Apollo's expanded range of colorways to take control of your stress, sleep, and life.

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