5 Netflix Shows to Inspire Your Next Travel Getaway


Sometimes, a vacation time means grabbing your passport and embarking on a new adventure. But other times, it means staying in bed and throwing on your favorite Netflix show to binge. Not every weekend gets to be a travel weekend, but why not take advantage of staying in by watching some travel-inspired shows and getting ready for your next epic adventure.

Chef's Table

This one's for all the foodies out there. This show profiles incredible chefs from around the world, exploring the inspiration and work behind their signature dishes. Each episode will make your mouth water and your plane ticket buying fingers tremble. The latest season features fantastic pastries from around the world.


For something a little more action-packed, Netflix's original series Sense8 is just for you. This sci-fi show follows the lives of 8 interconnected people from around the globe. Jumping from Nairobi to Seoul to Berlin in the same frame, you'll feel as though you just got back from an epic trip around the globe after each episode. Catch up on the first two seasons now before the series finale special event premieres this summer.

Jack Whitehall Travels with my Father

If you're ready to laugh, you'll love this six-episode series. The show follows comedian Jack Whitehall and his grumpy father as they embark on a backpacking trip through South East Asia. The duo's clashing personalities will have you giggling as they encounter new cultures and people.

The World's Most Extraordinary Homes

A newbie on your Netflix queue, this show spotlights incredible architecture from around the world. Design lovers will go googly-eyed over the fantastic architecture, while travelers will enjoy the various exotic landscapes in the background.

Tales By Light

If you've ever wondered how travel photographers get that perfect show, you have to watch this show. Follow along with top photographers as they go the extra mile to get incredible footage of Earth's most beautiful locations.

About the author: Kellie Coppola | Editor of The Discoverer
Since her first trip across the pond Kellie has been a voracious traveler. As the Editor of The Discoverer she is passionate about sharing stories from around the globe and inspiring others to leave their comfort zones. Kellie has her MFA in Creative Writing and in her free time tries (and mostly fails) to cook.

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